Liferay - Reports Portlet - User Guide

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I was just playing with Reports EE portlet available on Liferay market place. Thought to make user guide so that other can know how to use this portlet.

- Download this app from Market Place
- Place downloaded lpkg file in deploy folder.
- This application has one is for normal User and second is for admin.
- Once deployed admin can access this application from control panel.(Control Panel --> Reports Admin)
- To use this application configure data source first.
- Select Source tab and you will see below screen. Click on Add source button to add new database source.

- Fill required details to connect with database. To verify database connection click on Test Database Connection.
- Once database source is added next thing is to upload jrxml file (You need to crate reports template/jrxml using i Report)
- To test this app i have created one example report template which will basically display user from Liferay database.
- Download sample jrxml from here. Once downloaded change extension to jrxml)
- Select Definitions tab to add new definition (report template)
- Fill required details as shown in below screen shot. Make sure you select appropriate database from drop down.

- Upload jrxml file created using i Report.
- Next thing is to generate report based on this report template.
- Go to Definitions tab select definition and click on add report as shown in below screen shot.

- Select desired report format. You can also deliver this report via email .Click on Generate button to generate report.

- All the generated reports will be visible in Reports tab.

- Click on generated report and you will see following screen. Click on download link to view/save report.

Report with Parameter 

You can also add any parameter at the run time . In above example all the users will be placed in report but in case if you want to filter list based on user input then you can do this by adding parameter while adding definition.

Specify parameter while generating report see following screenshot for more detail.
You can download jrxml with parameter from here.

Schedule Report

You can also schedule report . Report will be generated and available for user at specified time and also it can deliver via email at the same time.

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