Liferay - Build number deployment error

Many times while deploying portlet you people might have seen following error.
Build namespace ABC has build number X which is newer than Y.
Lets first understand why this error is coming . Whenever we build services for our portlets buidl number inside is getting incremented. And when you deploy portlet Liferay will compare build number available inside against the build number available inside servicecomponent table. If the build number inside is less then the one inside servicecomponent table it means you are downgrading your build and your DB changes wont be affected . At that time portal will throw this exception saying
"Build namespace ABC has build number 3 which is newer than 1".
To resolve this problem we need to increase the build number inside file . For above scenario we need to changes build number to either 3 or greater then 3.
Another solution (not recommended) is you can delete entries for your portlet from servicecomponent table. For more information check this thread on Liferay Forum.

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