Upgrade Database from Liferay 6.0 to Liferay 6.1


To upgrade Liferay from 6.0 to Liferay 6.1 use below steps .

Setup LR 6.1 and add below property in your portal-ext.properties file of LR 6.1
//Specify hook you have used in LR 6.0

Before you start server you need to copy paste old documents and images of
LR 6.0 into LR 6.1 .
Copy data folder of LR 6.0 into LR 6.1 set up . If you not copy this documents then migration will not be completed successfully .
You may not see any of your documents or images if you dont copy data folder before migration.

At the time of server start up Liferay automatically detects the Database whether its of current version or any other downgraded version.
(check release_ table for more inforamtion)

Once you start the server upgrade process will automatically start because we have pointed database of LR 6.X.
You will see serveral upgrade logs . Wait for upgrade process to complete .

You can use the migration tool available inside Control Pannel -- > Server Administration -- > Database Migration
at any point of time to migrate your documents and images from one repository to another repository.

Look into Liferay 6.1 user guide for more details about upgradation.

Best Practices

- Don't attempt upgrade if there are already obvious issues with your current environment. The current issues might create larger problems if you attempt to upgrade. Fix all problems first.

- If you fail an upgrade attempt , do not continue to attempt upgrade on same database. Fix the upgrade problems , then attempt upgrade on the database on which you have never attempted an upgrade yet.

- As a pre-requisites make sure you backed up all your data including database , document library and image gallery.

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  1. hi Jitendra Rajput,
    now i'm trying to upgrade liferay from 6.0 to 6.2 with large size existing database,
    i have a problem when tomcat is starting, i see the console

    02:56:17,920 INFO [localhost-startStop-1][UpgradeProcess:175] Upgrading com.liferay.portal.upgrade.v6_1_0.UpgradeDocumentLibrary

    when I'm trying to investigated in source code i see the liferay doing update to DLFileEntry table,
    and i have 340.000 record in these table,

    so do you have another solution for my case ?

    Thank you very much,

    1. Could you please provide error log ? Issue might be coming because of any corrupted entry in DL related tables . You need to debug upgrade process and you need to find out why this issue is coming .

      In case if the document size are big then please set dl.max.filesize property in portal-ext if you have not set.

      Thank you,